What are we about?

HuDa in arabic means "guidance". Our research lives at the intersection of data management and interactive systems. We study how we, humans, interact with data and we build tools that help us derive us value and insights from data more effectively.

Our areas of focus change as researchers join or graduate from our lab. Currently, we are working on these three areas:


Recent Papers

Tactics, Threats & Targets: Modeling Disinformation and its Mitigation

Shujaat Mirza, Labeeba Begum, Liang Niu, Sarah Pardo, Azza Abouzied, Paolo Papotti, Christina Popper
NDSS 2023
Funded by CITIES, CCS
Mitigating Disinformation

Planning multiple epidemic interventions with reinforcement learning

Anh Mai, Nikunj Gupta, Azza Abouzied, Dennis Shasha
IJCAI 2023
Funded by CITIES, ASPIRE AARE, NYUAD Covid-19 Facilitator Grant

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